There are virtually a million ways to make Land Surveyors United your home for curating and sharing experiences, expertise and legacy in the geospatial sciences. Our network is where the juniors learn from the seniors and vice versa. With our ever-growing need to adapt and utilize technology both in the field and in the office, this network is your place to cultivate new talents, share your present and past accomplishments, and foster long-lasting relationships with students and other surveyors around the world. Bookmark this page and when you have an idea or something interesting and useful to pass along to your colleagues and prospects around the globe.


When you have some time, you might like to read these tips for sharing content on LSU and how to build your reputation online.

Build Your Reputation Online Through Sharing

How to get More Clients as a Land SurveyorUpload+Surveying+Photos

Add Photos

Add your surveying photos from the field and get feedback from your fellow surveyors from around the world. Show us how land surveying is uniquely different (or similar) in your area of the world. Are you a Flickr user? You can easily import your surveying photos from Flickr to the network on this page. You can also upload photos while on the go, using your mobile device!
Add Videos


Do you have a particularly useful or interesting surveying-related video on your hard drive?

Upload and share it with the community and help each other learn something new. Did you find a geospatial industry related video on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo that you think may be helpful for others in the community? Simply copy the embed code and embed the video here for others to learn from and enjoy! Need help finding surveying related videos? Check out this page. See how easy we have made it for you.

Add a Discussion


Do you have a question or something pressing on your mind? Share it in a community forum post and get feedback from your fellow professionals. "Groups" all have their own dedicated forum for discussions which are specifically related to a topic, type of equipment or location. There are approximately 300 group forums for finding a topic and getting targeted advice. Is your question or problem, surveying equipment related? Post it in the relevant Group forum based on your equipment manufacturer. Get targeted feedback from your fellow members who are using the same equipment that you are.

Add a Surveying StoryLand+Surveying+Stories

That snake you saw today would make an excellent photo submission, but an even better surveying story! Tell us how you got away! Do you have an interesting client story or a peculiar survey you'd like to share? Post it as a story and pull in photos and videos from around the network to give your story that extra punch! You can include documents, maps, quotes and more to give us the BIG picture! You can become more legitimate and respected as a surveyor when you can say to your friends that they should check out your story or video on Land Surveyors United. We are all here to learn about the similarities and differences in surveying practices in every part of the globe. Show us how you survey where you live!

New! Post surveying stories to LSU using 3rd Party blogging Apps

Add an Event


When is the next surveying conference in your area? Add it here and increase exposure and attendance by promoting it with both the network and the social media world. You can also embed Google+ hangouts, live streaming video from your meetings and even embed live commenting, voting and social engagement features. With this approach, there should be no reason for lack of attendance to your meetings any longer. Stream it live so that those who aren't able to physically attend, can participate. If you need assistance or directions on how to make this happen, send us a note and we'll help you make it come to life!

? Find a Member


Using the link above you will be able to search members on the network based on location, types of equipment, level of experience, and the type of surveying they are involved with. Likewise, there are other methods for finding reputable support from your colleagues. You can use our Explore page and search the various sections of our network for topics, members, media etc. You might also try our Locals page, which allows you to search by location with a single click or simply visit our ever-growing Global Member Map. With a little persistence, you will surely find someone to discuss your particular topic with.



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Search the Land Surveyors United Twitter Timeline

Find surveying jobs on Craigslistwith one click!

Find Support Manuals for your Surveying Equipment

Learn about free online tools for greater productivityand fun

If you are looking for equipment, request equipment here.

If you are a student surveyor, get your textbooks at a discount in our store.


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Every State Group Has The Following Services In Place

Integrated Dedicated Forum: Every single State Group has it's own dedicated forum for discussing what matters in your state. Simply add '/forum' to any URL below and you will be at your state's forum. Your forum can be yours to moderate as you wish, allowing you the ability to remove any posts that you see fit. Ability to allow members to add signatures to posts available. We additionally have spam control prevention in place for, well, controlling spammers. Since 2007, we have only had to delete 6 members network-wide for spam.

Embedded Geolocation Metadata: Each group has location-aware metadata included in the backend, meaning every group actually 'exists' in the state it references. which is great for local search engine optimization.

Custom Location Inspired Backgrounds: You'll see that every group has a custom background which represents the state. This background is simple to change and can be anything you like.
Integrated Photos and Videos Uploading: Our photos and videos features make it super simple to upload, embed or import photos from your latest events or from the field.

Custom RSS Feeds: Import your events, organization's blog, or custom RSS feeds right into the group to keep everyone in the state on the same page.

Custom Pages: Yes, you can add as many pages to your state's group and customize them however you like using the simple-to-use HTML editor. You can also use these pages to take ALL of your PDF and DOC files from your website and give them legs, make them engaging and sharable.

Live Streaming Events: Are the decisions within your organization taking a loooong time to make? Stream your chapter meetings to a closed group and have a real-time voting session, online, from anywhere!

Content Tagging for Categorization of Documents: Categorizing your documents for quick access has never been easier. Simply add subject tags for different types of content and with one click, everything with the same tag appears like magic.

Mobile Access and Engagement You may think that keeping everyone in sync from any device is an expensive endeavor for your society, but we've already done this for you.

Send Message to Entire Group- As a moderator or officer of your state group, you can send full HTML emails to every member of your group in a single click and rest assured that everyone is on the same page.

Everyone Has a Blog- Every single member of your group will have their own full featured blog, called "Stories" meaning they have the ability to share a story on any given day about how great it is to be a surveyor in your state.

Featured Content- As the moderator of your group, you have the ability to feature the content which you deem most valuable, keeping it always at the top of priorities for your members to read next!

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