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Land Surveyors United is the first social network in the world exclusively geared for land surveying professionals and the GPS, mapping and geomatics community. This network creates a virtual space for surveyors to post their technology related questions, experiences, tips, tricks and advice for the field. LSU members are professional land surveyors, most of whom spend the majority of his/her day in the woods or along the side of the road measuring and creating the landscapes of our cities and towns. As an online community comprised entirely of like-minded individuals with essentially the same responsibilities, LSU provides a place to find equipment, collaborate and troubleshoot problems in the field or office and find reference materials related to land surveying. All content in this network is subscription friendly and can be read via any RSS feed reader; most of which is delivered in real time. Smaller surveying firms will find it convenient and cost-effective to promote their business and specialties. Additionally, for unemployed surveyors, jobs can be sought and found. Land Surveyors United is truly the first community of its kind. Land Surveyors United was created because surveyors have very little time to spend in front of a computer searching for theanswers to problems in the field, affordable equipment, and both the instructions and specifications that they need in order to work and stay ahead of their competition. Our network creates a space for professionals to share advice as groups, video, reference material and photos with other surveyors. Put simply, there is not another place on the web where surveyors will feel more at home.

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Enhance Your Work

Enhance Your Work

Populate Your Network Contacts from your LSU Profile and add new life to your work. Our members are willing and able to help make you a better surveyor!

Collaborate with Contacts

Collaborate on Projects

Collaborate on surveying projects anywhere in the world and enlist the support and contributions from land surveyors across the globe, all from LSU!

Explore Land Surveying

Explore Surveying

Learn more about your professional peers and make life-long contacts with other professional land surveyors. See how other surveyors accomplish the same tasks in other parts of the world.

Organize your surveying life

Organize Your Network

Stay in constant communication with other land surveyors worldwide from your LSU profile. You no longer have language barriers. Share what you know and learn from others

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Connect and Share

Strengthen your social support network by sharing what you know best. Ensure a future for those new to the profession by sharing tricks and tips from the field. Live forever as a Land Surveyor on LSU!


Streamline Your Work

Streamline Your Work

Easily share documents and files with your associates using LSU as a virtual hub for your surveying business. Communicate in real time and use the forum to troubleshoot problems from the field.


  • What is Land Surveyors United?

    Land Surveyors United LogoLand Surveyors United is the first social network in the world tailored exclusively for land surveying professionals and the GPS, GIS, mapping and geomatics community. This group creates a virtual space for surveyors to post comments, questions, experiences, tips, tricks and advice for the entire world to see. LSU members are professionals who enjoy what they do and are willing to share it and learn from other professionals.

  • The Community of Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals

    PLS and Party Chief Support CommunityAs an online community comprised entirely of interrelated professionals, LSU provides a place to share ideas, sell or trade equipment, discuss current events, and troubleshoot problems that arise from any emerging technology or the use of a particular piece of equipment. All content is subscription-friendly and can be read via RSS feed reader. Small surveying firms can promote their business using LSU to create or enhance an online presence and to find employees. Professionals looking to find employment can submit a resume to the site can have it reviewed by fellow professionals. New careers and new employees are only a few clicks away at LSU. This is truly the first community of its kind, ever!

  • Why Should Surveyors bother with Social Networking?

    Why surveyors should social networkLand surveyors may not have much time to spend searching for the answers, proper equipment, or the instructions and specifications that they need to be cost-effective and up to date with the latest developments in the profession. The experienced professional may have knowledge of techniques or procedures that could provide an educational source for the freshmen in the community. These are the people you may be hiring some day. What has always kept the profession strong is a continuous drive to be at the top of the game and to help those who want to be successful in the profession realize their potential. LSU creates a space exclusively for these professionals to offer advice, and to share ideas, stories, photos, and reference material with other land surveyors. Try sharing a video of what you are doing on a regular day and see how many others have questions, comments, or even laughs about it! There is not another place on the web where land surveyors will feel more at home.

  • Who Should Join LSU?

    Why Join Land Surveyors UnitedYou should join LSU if you are a practicing or retired land surveyor or related professional who is passionate about the profession and the changes that are going on in the industry. You should also join if you are a party chief or technician who would like to see your crew to get the latest tips and keep up with the most important trends that all land surveyors should be aware of. LSU membership is FREE for the individual who wishes to explore new horizons . LSU is a resource for you to take advantage of within the boundaries of professionalism.

  • Land Surveying Companies

    If you are a land surveying company owner, a terrific way to improve productivity among your employees and boost your reputation online is to get involved with Land Surveyors United and represent your local surveyors globally . In the near future, there will be a way for all members belonging to a single company to be displayed together as a group. The more members within the same group,the better your SEO (search engine optimization) will be. LSU is an organization through which all things "land surveying related" pass through a professional channel of knowledge that should resonate within the professional community and around the world for a more unified understanding of a somewhat mysterious profession, and to allow for a UNITED effort to promote the thoughts and interests encompassed by such a large body of knowledge. I encourage you to join and pass the link on to your professional associates. In a word, think of "Facebook" for land surveyors.

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